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Corporate Wellness

Think differently about how to empower your team!

The Terrebonne General Wellness for Life team aims to create a healthier and more productive workplace by empowering your greatest asset, your employees.

Our Corporate Wellness Program will help control rising healthcare costs by improving your employees' overall health, which leads to a more productive workforce and a boost in morale. Having a wellness program in place has also been proven to reduce absenteeism, injury, and illness.

Our Corporate Wellness screenings can be customized based on your needs but often include the following:

  • Health history questionnaire
  • Blood pressure evaluation and resting pulse
  • Body composition analysis on In-Body scale
  • Lipid panel and glucose via fingerstick (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides)
  • Personal prevention plan with a nurse practitioner
  • Personal results delivered privately in real-time
  • Immunizations as requested

We’re here to help keep your employees in good health while giving them the tools they need to live more productive, healthier lives.

Schedule a wellness screening at (985) 850-6217.

Hear how Corporate Wellness changed a patient's life.

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